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NO persistent, unwelcome attention, advances or coerced physical contact in any capacity. If you have to force a connection, it’s not welcome or consensual.


Do not discriminate against other individuals or groups based on race, age, skill level, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, physical appearance, religion or anything else.

Do not use obscene, vulgar or inflammatory language. 

Do not touch or grab fellow skaters without their consent.


Do respect personal boundaries set by other community members through verbal and non-verbal cues such as eye contact, facial expressions, pulling away, and tensing up, which may indicate boundary-crossing.

Do respect the personal boundaries of others AFTER the community event is over; Be graceful and respectful to community members in your private communications; in your words, your actions, and your behavior off-rink and off-skates as well.

Do treat your fellow skaters with dignity and respect in all forms of communications; private in-person, online, digital, spoken, and written communications. 

Do gracefully accept when another community member refuses an invitation to partner skate.

Do take NO for an answer. No persistent advances. No means no.


Do not give unsolicited feedback or comments regarding technique, clothing, movement choices, facial expressions or someone’s body - positive, perceived compliment or negative.


Do be aware of your surroundings and make choices that minimize risk of injury to yourself and others. 

Do acknowledge and apologize for accidental injuries. 

Do leave food, drinks and drugs OFF the skate floor. 

Do speak up for other skaters who might have trouble speaking up for themselves.

Do report any compromising situations to event organizers/management.


Be vigilant and report issues that you experience or witness as soon as possible. We’ll be keeping an eye out during all of our events but community is key in helping us maintain a safe and fun space for everyone.

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