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RMSA consists of a diverse group of rhythm skaters living in NYC, who unionized to formally address the predatory behavior that exists within the skating community. Our mission is to create and advocate for safe and inclusive skate spaces while being super intentional about building, sustaining, and evolving the community.

We believe in the power of movement and the mixing of diverse groups of people that roller skating encourages. We also believe roller skating is a form of wellness, an opportunity to express who you are, and that all skaters have a right to skate free of harassment. In order to make this happen, we have a small list of expectations.

Our goal is to produce fun events and programs that empower skaters, promote healthy cultural exchanges, and evolve the culture surrounding consent at rinks and skate events.

As a departure from mainstream skate parties, our events offer a variety of workshops spanning topics like wellness, fitness, personal safety and novelty dance skate classes. We’ve also developed an open-source code of conduct for skaters, other event producers, and rinks around the world.

By fostering a network of allies within the skate community, we aim to cultivate an environment of greater awareness and open communication in recognizing and reporting predatory behavior.

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